See how the system works.
It’s simple.

Just take a deep breath, and count from 1 to 30 as far as you can.

The system will analyze the time you last in breath again and the number you stop counting (in your own language). 

The AI algorythm will show your health status in seconds.

The system uses a 91% accurate test** to give you reliable information about your blood oxygen saturation.

* *Roth´s Test is a valid and reliable clinical test commonly used in clinical environments.

SmartDyspnea will tell you if you need to ask for help.

The system will show you the risk you have of needing a more advanced assessment due to your blood oxygen saturation level. Learn more…

Keep your respiratory

health controlled

Accurate and fast detection of oxygen saturation.

The artificial intelligence algorithm improves the accuracy of the test on which the Smart Dyspnea technology is based.

oxygen saturation 95%
Test Reliability 85%

Tagging and recording voice in the cloud.

Smart Dyspnea technology does not store data in the terminal, and uses the full potential of decentralized systems to offer the service with the maximum guarantee of security. 

Personalised monitoring.

The Smart Dyspnea system provides an individualized tracking platform that allows for improved decision making to be more accurate. Continuous monitoring of saturation allows for a more appropriate reading of each user’s respiratory health.


  • The smart dyspnea system provides a valid and reliable alternative to the classic pulse oximeter, much cheaper, and accessible and improving the interpretation by the patient, which is an advantage in home monitoring of patients with chronic respiratory processes such as COPD

    Dra. Teresa Fernández


Download, install and start saving your life.

SmartDyspnea has been created by health professionals and engineers, researchers and experts in their fields of expertise. Dyspnea is one of the main symptoms of COVID19, which has already affected more than 5 million people worldwide. 62.4% of people who have more severe symptoms are not able to feel this sign, despite their very low blood saturation. This is one of the main causes of the need for hospitalization, even a prognostic factor for death in some cases. Monitoring your saturation if you have other symptoms compatible with COVID19 can save your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

Smart Dyspnea

The early assesment that helps saving lives

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